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New normal and new ecology in leather supply chain

Industry news
2018/07/18 11:38
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The leather industry plays an important role in China's light industry and jointly sustains China's economic development. Nowadays, in the era of Internet dividend, when leather meets e-commerce, how should it develop in the face of the new normal of economy? Su huali, deputy general manager of huicong leather net, who has visited the first-tier leather market for many years, Shared the topic of "new normal and new ecology" of leather supply chain exclusively at the "win to enjoy the 7th China leather supply chain summit (CLIS) and the industry brand grand gathering in 2015"
Referring to the new normal and new ecology of the entire leather industry chain, President su first Shared with you a data of 1.27 trillion yuan, which was the total revenue of the main businesses of enterprises with a size larger than the leather industry in 2014. Compared with the data of light industry, the total business revenue of the light industry is 22 trillion yuan, and the leather market accounts for 1.27 trillion yuan. At present, the overall economic situation of China is not very optimistic. China is a large producer of leather and fur industry. Leather plays a very important role in economic integration and international competition and cooperation..
As far as the main classification of the entire leather industry is concerned, our country is based on leather making, with leather chemical industry and leather machinery as business, mainly serving shoe making, leather clothing, luggage and fur clothing. As a professional B2B platform in the leather field, President su analyzed the operation of products online. According to the classification of product lines, fur machinery, raw materials leather, artificial leather, etc., they conducted a survey and summary of customers' click, and leather machinery has the highest activity.
At present, the big data of e-commerce is 23.45 billion yuan, which is also the overall total revenue of e-commerce of smes in China in 2014. The growth rate of huicong's e-commerce platform was 32% higher than last year. In fact, the GDP of the whole country is around 7-8% every year. The growth of e-commerce has exceeded 32%, which means that it has exceeded our GDP by more than four times, indicating that the market space is very large. Aggregate 2018, the total B2B e-commerce revenue will be close to 54 billion yuan.
B2B e-commerce is mainly composed of energy, steel, electronic products and 3C products. Su always mentioned that leather accounts for a small proportion in e-commerce, which also indicates that leather has a large market space in this area. Mr Su shares their membership status, supplier traffic and buyers' purchases.
In terms of suppliers, su always mentioned that in terms of leather machinery and fur products, more information was released on the whole huicong platform. As an e-commerce company, the most important concern is the effect. The effect is the so-called conversion rate. From January to August this year, the conversion rate of huicong leather net was about 0.6 percent. They provide the best quality service to guide the purchase with efficiency. Based on the products of sales-sale link, they lead the flow in various ways. In combination with offline transaction matching and financial support, they finally implement the five-issue linkage guarantee system.
President su finally mentioned that he hopes to provide more valuable help to all enterprises in the leather industry through today's sharing. He also hopes that under the new normal of the leather industry economy, everyone can have a better and clearer understanding of the leather industry.