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The leather industry leverages the Internet

Industry news
2018/07/18 11:35
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On June 16, the opening ceremony of the 23rd China haining leather fair was held in haining convention and exhibition center. During the expo, well-known entrepreneurs, designers, fashion buyers, government and industry association leaders from home and abroad gathered in haining to discuss the trend and trend of leather clothing .
We will build a large platform for the leather industry
Ren youfa, vice President of the China leather association and chairman of the China leather city of haining, said it was valuable to 'sit back and talk' as the industry sought a new way out. Since the era when "courage + luck" could become a big enterprise is long gone, now we need to rely on wisdom, creativity, design and new thinking to achieve breakthroughs. Both haining China leather city and haining leather fair are willing to create such a big platform for the leather fashion industry at home and abroad.
It is known that the China leather fair, which originated in 1994, is one of the national exhibitions with the longest history, the highest specifications and the biggest influence in the leather and fur industries. The 23rd China haining leather fair lasts from march to October 2016. The opening ceremony on June 16 and the series of activities that continue to June 21 are the highlight of the "golden week" of the whole expo.
Expo, 2016 China road development BBS leather industry in zhejiang province, 2016 China haining BBS, derivative peak BBS, design to the fashion industry trends peak BBS, supply side conference on reform and financial innovation development BBS BBS, constituted the haining PiBoHui plus a " landscape ", from domestic leather fashion industry one of the many "cafe" would be around the issues of BBS, meeting the wisdom of the collision, give the industry a feast to another thought.
The reporter noted that the "design +" thinking runs through or integrates the related BBS. Such as "the new normal new fashion road connected" as the theme of 2016 China road development of leather industry in zhejiang province BBS on leather industry in the new historical development period of intelligent manufacturing, brand promotion, fashion innovation combined with cultural transmission and so on in-depth discussion and communication, and improve design ability, grasps the personalized consumption become participants hot topic.
BBS, the fashion industry peak, takes "life", "fashion" and "future" as the research direction to explore the design trend and lead the future fashion lifestyle. The dynamic complementarity between life display and professional communication will bring the fashion style and sensory experience of the people to the public of haining, guide people to think about the future life style, stimulate the cooperation between different industries and promote the industrial transformation and upgrading.
We will promote supply-side reform of the leather fashion industry
"Whether it is promoting fashion in leather industry in the early years or vigorously promoting the 'design plus' strategy in recent years, it largely reflects the inherent demand of China's leather industry to promote supply-side reform. As an industry promotion platform, leather fair should take "design +" as the starting point to promote the supply-side reform of leather fashion industry. Ren youfa told reporters.
For the Chinese leather industry, the supply-side structural reform focusing on production capacity removal, inventory removal, cost reduction, and short board replacement undoubtedly has very important practical significance: only when the above reform is realized, the traditional leather and fur industries can truly evolve into the leather fashion industry. For the fashion industry, design is the core power source -- driven by the design force leading the fashion trend and relying on the practical and agile small and medium enterprises system, we can build a leather fashion industry chain full of new connotation and new vitality. It is also for the above reasons that the "design +" theme of haining leather fair is particularly attractive.
The reporter noted that the "design +" strategy was deeply reflected during the exhibition. For example, the publication of the international leather and fur fashion trend of China was planned by professor wu haiyan. The latest design trend was absorbed and the international resources of Copenhagen fur were integrated.
Meanwhile, haining China leather fashion week, this year is special large scale enhance the designer, designer brand show, the proportion of China's well-known designers, New York fashion week, the publisher Li Kun, Hong Kong design prodigy, Jim, "the goddess's new clothes" designer famous young independent fashion designers, cross-border axe ye's will be in the fashion Zhou Wu their talent on stage.
"Genuine leather logo cup" the gold prize winner of China international leather, fur clothing design grand prix, will sign a contract directly to become the original translation designer, become the new blood of Chinese leather fashion "design +" strategy. Even wechat business BBS, which discusses the economy of web celebrity, has been integrated with "design plus" -- how do Internet celebrities and fashion ICONS attract fans and boost popularity? It cannot be separated from the effective "supply" of upstream creativity and design.
In addition, promoting the transformation of leather fashion industry with practical effect is also a major feature of this year's haining leather fair. Among them, the combination of "show and show" has created the exclusive mode of "watch and order", while "watch the trend and place orders" has realized the seamless connection between design ideas and the market.
Some people in the industry said that under the economic downturn cycle, all industries have suffered from weak sales and declining profits, but the reason is the supply-side contradiction. To solve this problem, the industry needs to make timely structural adjustment in response to the huge changes in the preferences and habits of end consumers. As leather and fur garments enter the era of personalized, customized and light luxury consumption, the traditional production mode will become more and more difficult to sustain. Only by relying on the power of design and originality, can the industry upgrade its files.
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