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Waterborne PU antiskid leather is a set of excellent environmental protection properties, anti-skid property and outstanding physical and mechanical properties developed for sports, skiing, labor protection and other glove materials.
Main features:
1. Good labor protection performance (EN388 standard) : wear-resistant grade 3,anti-cutting grade 2; 2. Good hydrolysis resistance: 70°C, 95% RH22d 3. Good water resistance (GB/T 4745-2012) Free of fluoride; 4. Good color fastness (GB/T 3920-2008); Dry 24, wet z3; 5. Good air permeability (gb-j127042-2009, evaporation method):>2000g/m2*24h
Over the years, people have paid great attention to the environmental protection of the family and work environment. The non-toxic and harmless working and living environment is the guarantee of people's health. The traditional furniture decoration, as well as the automobile interior decoration and other materials will emphasize more on the environmental protection of products, zero VOC and other characteristics, in order to ensure people's living and working place air health. Waterborne ecological sofa leather is aimed at the field of traditional soft furniture. It has been developed with excellent environmental protection and low volatile organic matter, which can fully meet people's demands for furniture products in daily life.
Existing garment fabric more used the PU synthetic leather products, however, in the traditional oily PU resin processing of leather products more and more people attach importance to environmental protection problems, close to the skin clothing fabrics, traditional oily PU leather products without organic solvent residue problem, easy to produce harm to human body health, water ecological garment leather with waterborne PU as the raw material, adopt new water-based wet manufacturing processing, garment leather products in addition to water is environmental protection, has a more outstanding performance characteristics at the same time, obviously improve the product flexibility, endurance and physical performance is superior, The product is more elastic and embossed.
Waterborne PU luggage leather products for it is a high grade leather luggage fabrics, with waterborne PU as the raw material the use of special water-based processing technology, fully tap the characteristic of water-based resin product has a very high simulation skin appearance, the surface is very exquisite leather fold, feel the texture with leather, special water-based PU simulation skin structure makes water-based PU luggage leather has very excellent abrasion resistance characteristics and scratch resistance. Waterborne PU bag leather has won the favor of international brands since its launch, and is the first choice of high-end bag material at present.
People have been paying great attention to the environmental protection of living and working environment. The non-toxic and harmless working and living environment is the guarantee of people's health. Traditional shoe material, can emphasize the characteristic such as the environmental protection of the product more, zero VOC, in order to assure people to use at ease. Waterborne PU shoe material is just for the traditional shoe material field, the development has the fine environmental protection property, extremely low volatile organic matter, can satisfy people's intimate demand for the articles of daily use, also has the very excellent physical and mechanical properties such as stripping, tearing, folding resistance, wear-resisting.


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