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Variety is rich, product application domain includes: athletic shoes, recreational shoes, labor protection shoes, injection shoes, leather shoes and so on.
A variety of rich, serialized products. Suitable for professional games, training, promotion, gifts and other different levels of football, volleyball materials requirements.
A variety of products, including: golf gloves, ski gloves, cycling gloves, weight lifting gloves, labor protection gloves, oil field gloves, dress gloves, equestrian gloves, military combat gloves, touch screen gloves and so on.
Variety is abundant and varied. The products are widely used in: mobile phone case, IPAD, keyboard cover, keyboard, audio, VR, earphone and other electronic products accessories.
1. The hand feels soft and plump, with good flexibility of touch and strong real skin. 2. Good physical and mechanical strength. (peel, break, tear, wear resistance, folding resistance, sewing, etc.) 3. Good chemical resistance, solvent resistance, no peeling and no opening. 4. High durability: the product can have good durability, acid resistance, alkali resistance and hydrolysis resistance, with long service time. According to customer requirements and confirmed by wanhua, the product can be used at room temperature for 5-10 years.
Variety is abundant and varied. Products widely used: tennis racket, badminton racket, table tennis racket, golf club, fishing rod and other grip parts.
Variety is abundant and varied. The products are widely used in notebook, album cover, jewelry box, jewelry bag, gift box, door frame cover and so on.
1. There are many varieties with novel patterns and natural and elegant styles, which are very fashionable and fashionable. 2. Good physical and mechanical strength, good strength of peeling, breaking, tearing, sewing, etc. 3. Good scratch resistance and abrasion resistance; Resistant to dry and wet friction, firm surface, no peeling and color loss.
Variety is abundant and varied. There are non-woven fabric series, T/C BASE cloth series, fleece series and knitwear series BASE, which can be matched with various processing technologies of veneer and back section.
Rich varieties, product application areas include: white dermabrasion polishing materials, red dermabrasion polishing materials, damping cloth, adsorption pads, imitation SUBA, etc.
Product Features:
1. The polyurethane foam cells are uniform and controllable, the surface is smooth and delicate, and the elasticity is good. 2. It has strong wear resistance and cutting force, perfect combination with polishing liquid, good grinding performance, high efficiency, small scratch and high yield. 3. Controllable physical properties and superior performance. (Thickness, density, hardness, compression ratio, compression rate, cell diameter, drawing force, cutting force, acid resistance, alkali resistance) 4. Excellent environmental performance: through IS014001 environmental management system, according to customer requirements, confirmed by Wanhua, It can meet ROHS and REACH regulations. 5. Product trial areas: glass, metal, sapphire, ceramics, aluminum alloy, optical components, semiconductors, etc.


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